【Event Report】 “Nadeshiko Dream Event – Removing Limits from Girls’ Dreams” (December 26, 2021)

On Sunday, December 26, 2021, we held “Nadeshiko Dream Event – Removing Limits from Girls’ Dreams” in Kanazawa City. This program was a part of “S.C.P. Japan Special Events in Kanazawa”, taken place over two days on December 26th and 28th.

* It is an integrated part of BreakTalks event. Please click here for more details of “BreakTalks”.

Ms. Shigenami and Ms. Inoue, former Nadeshiko Leaguers and directors of S.C.P. Japan, facilitated the event and girls and their parents in the local area participated.

Facilitators shared their personal stories on “how they achieved their dreams” and “the challenges they faced as female athletes”. They also told participants about “Being confident in who you are” and “the importance of not comparing yourself with others”.

Following the lecture, Q&A session was held and they exchanged opinions with the participants.

<Post Event Feedback>

In order to improve the program, we asked the participants to provide us feedback after the event. You can check the results below.

We will continue to support children’s dreams, by working with others to ensure that they won’t be prevented from achieving their dreams because of their genders, and that they can make life choices with confidence in who they are.

We would like to thank Geminis Football Club for their cooperation in holding the event. We would also like to thank the children who participated, and all the parents.