【Team member Wanted!!】We are looking for new members for a women’s football team for girls with intellectual disabilities!

Thanks to the kind support of the FIFA Foundation Community Program, we have started to manage a football team for girls and women with intellectual disabilities around Nagareyama and Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture.



PR TIMES:https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000010.000105291.html
Please check the application details below, feel free to join without any requests if you are interested in.
*Just first-time participants are requested to apply in advance. (Trial be always welcome!!)
*If you would like to join a team officially, please submit the application form.

<Team information>

1. Practice: once in a week (Saturdays, Sundays or holidays)
Trial be always welcome!

【Schedule for June】
・June 2 (Sun)  (time info: coming soon) *special practice with other teams (@Kamome Park, Kanagawa Prefecture)
・June 9 (Sun) Nadeshiko league game watching 1:00 PM kick-off / Nadeshiko League 1st Division game (@Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium (Kanagawa Prefecture)) *watch the game Yuma Saito, the team’s special coach (member of VIAMATERRAS MIYAZAKI) plays!
・June 15 (Sat), 5:30-7:00 PM (@SAL SPORTS PARK Otakanomori)
・ June 22 (Sat), 5:30-7:00 PM (@SAL SPORTS PARK Ohtakanomori)
・June 29 (Sat), 5:30-7:00 PM (@SAL SPORTS PARK Ohtaka-no-mori)
*Please check the annual schedule below as well.


 2. Team values:
Motivation: The passion of football
Enjoyment:whole The enjoy playing football
Teamwork:members enjoy the communication with teammates.
Empowerment:members feel confidence for themselves.
Respect:respect others and confirm the differences

3. Team level:
Beginners are welcome! Our goal is empowerment each player to understand the rules and simple practice of football to play with other teams as one of the football teams.
If you would like to…
-just enjoy recreational level,
-join the group activities,
-participate with your family, please check “FindFun Sports Class” below; a recreational activity, developed from football or other sports.
Find Fun Sports Class: https://scpjapan.com/blog/archives/3434

4. The target players:
Those who meet all of the following conditions:
・Women with intellectual disabilities aged 12 or above (*2)
・Have the will to participate in the activity
・Have enough skills to understand simple rules and conversations.
*2) Female (assigned at birth), have “Female identity” regardless of the gender assigned at birth, or those who think themselves “May” be female.

5. Location: Futsal fields, football fields, gymnasiums, etc.in Nagareama, Kashiwa, Chiba city, Chiba prefecture in Japan

6. Participation fee: Free (travel cost is not covered)

7. How to participate: Please apply from the website below.
*If you decide to join a team after trial in the trial, requested to submit the application form.

<Coach/ Staff>

1) Yuiko Inoue
Qualifications: JFA Instructor Licensed C, JIFF Inclusive Football Coach
Football Experience: Yuiko has played at JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies and national teams for each age division. Yuiko participated “Friendly Football Exchange Match with the UAE for the Japanese women’s national football team of the intellectual disability” as the official coach in 2023.

2) Yuki Shigenami
Football Experience: Yuki has played at Tokiwaki Gakuen and JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies. She participated “Friendly Football Exchange Match with the UAE for the Japanese women’s national football team of the intellectual disability” as the official coach in 2023.

3) Sae Hashimoto
Football Experience: Sae played at the Juntendo University women’s football team. She participated in football events in New Zealand managed by Special Olympics New Zealand’s as a staff member while studying abroad in 2023.

【Special Coach】
Yuma Saito: JFA Instructor Licensed B.
Yuma plays at Viamaterasu Miyazaki in the Nadeshiko League, 1st devision. Yuma just joins the activities as “the special coach” during the off-season or so.

Founded by: FIFA Foundation Community Program
Operated by: S.C.P. Japan – We promote diversity, equity and inclusion through education, training, capacity building and international cooperation by using the power of sport, with the aim of creating an inclusive society.

<Contact Us>

S.C.P. Japan
Sae Hashimoto, Yuiko Inoue
E-mail: info@scpjapan.com
Phone: 090-9974-1012
WEB site: https://scpjapan.com/

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