【Wanted! Request for School application】Special class to learn about Gender and Child Rights through Sports (Free)

Special Class to learn about Gender and Children’s Rights through Sports” started in 2023, and 353 children in 13 classes participated in the classes. We look forward to further school applications this year (2024)!


We focus on social norms considered “general,” e.g., “femininity” or “masculinity.” This special class offers the participant the opportunity to learn about “gender” or “one’s identity” based on sports or physical activities through multiple contents about the topics of sexual diversity (SOGIE), LGBTQ+, children’s rights, etc.

【The target applicants】 4th–6th grade in elementary school
*Junior high school will be approved depending on the requests.

【Class duration】 90 min. per class.

<Discussion part> (45 min.)
Better relationship with diverse sexuality will be discussed through introducing the correct knowledge about sexual diversity with quiz or Children’s rights.

<Experiment part> (45 min.)
Through playing some games together and considering “the rules” that everyone can enjoy, participants can learn to “respect themselves and others”; to express their feelings and opinions, listen to the stories of other friends, and respect themselves and others.

【Charge】 Free *No cost for schools

【Application】 Apply from the form below.


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