We are hosting regular online (sometimes off-line) events “BreakTalks” since 2021!


■What is “BreakTalks”?

~The meaning of  BreakTalks~

  • Break=Break:Break existing “norms” or  preconceived notions.
  • Break=Creation:nurture people who will create a better future together.
  • Break=Place:A safe place where you can relax and exchange opinions as you are.

■ Purpose

We will create an opportunity to think more deeply ”What is diversity? What is an inclusive society?”’ by introducing various guest speakers and their  activities. 

■ Dates

Online :Once in two months on Zoom
Off-line  :To be decided

■ Content

Online:We invite a variety of guests every time to introduce their activities and ideas. Everyone, including the participants, will think about and discuss the unified theme of “Creating a better future where everyone can be who they truly are.”

Offline:We try to promote friendship  and mutual understanding amongst the participants through sports, exercise, and over meals.


  • We can discuss with a wide range of guests,  such as athletes, medical personnel, welfare personnel, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+ , media personnel, international cooperation personnel, etc.
  • We think about an inclusive society with the unified theme of “Creating a better future where everyone can be who they truly are.”
  • Everyone can participate anywhere via Zoom.
  • There will also be gathering opportunities in person for those who are interested!