What is S.C.P Japan?

About Us


“Sport connected me with many wonderful lifelong friends.”
“Sport gave me a dream and a life vision.”
“I learned about true teamwork through sport.”
“Sport gave me the courage to go abroad and take on new challenges.”

“Sport connected me with many friends and mentors all over the world. They made me understand global issues such as conflict, poverty, hunger, infectious diseases, human trafficking, drugs, air pollution, marine pollution, and many, many more…. I realized I am also living in the same world and have responsibility for these issues.”

Sport are not the most essential thing for life.

However, sport can enrich your heart, help your friendships grow, and create better communities.
We, S.C.P. Japan, believe that these are the most essential factors of your life.
We will support the act of brightening individuals’ precious lives and
create a better future where everyone walks as who they truly are.


Create a better future where everyone can be who they truly are.


1. Explore the potential of sport for empowerment.
2. Promote an inclusive society through sport.
3. Develop young practitioners who can use sport for social inclusion.



Organization’s name:Sport for Creating Pathways Japan (S.C.P. Japan)
Representative:Aya Noguchi
Director:Yuki Shigenami
Office:Edogawadai Higashi 1-293-4, Nagareyama city, Chiba, Japan