Collaboration project with Pride House Tokyo

As a part of the Pride House Tokyo Consortium and an active member of the athlete messages team, we are working to create a more inclusive society for LGBTQ+ community by taking on challenges related to LGBTQ+ through sports. That includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in the sports world.

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Collaboration project with Barça Foundation

We are working towards a more inclusive sporting environment as well as promoting social inclusion through the methodology developed by the Barça Foundation.

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Happy Smile Soccer Class

We organize fun sport programs for children to create a space where everyone can enjoy and participate regardless of (dis)ability, gender, economic level, race, etc.


Collaboration project with JIFF

We provide support for planning and operation of the inclusive football festival and educational programs for the Japan Inclusive Football Federation(JIFF).


Japan-ASEAN Sports Cooperation Project

We supported the planning and operation of Japan-ASEAN Workshop for Promoting Gender Equality in Sports, organized by Japan Sports Agency and the ASEAN and held by Juntendo University Research Center for Women in Sport.


Safeguarding Children in Sport

We develop training programs and curriculum for instructors and facilitators on protecting the rights of children in sporting environments, to ensure that everyone can participate safely and securely.

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“From Femininity to Being True Self” project

To ensure the rights of all women to have equal access to sports, we are producing videos under the theme of "Redefining Femininity."

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Empowerment project through sport for girls with disabilities

We are implementing fun sport programs for girls with disabilities and working to promote the empowerment of individual participants as well as social inclusion.

BreakTalks (Networking event)

The event is designed to create opportunities for people from different backgrounds to interact online/offline, discussing topics such as“What is diversity?” and “What is an inclusive society?”.

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Women Empowerment through Sports Project

A collaborated project with Nomura Holdings, Inc. We aim to empower young women through sport by supporting their financial independence.

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