Working with Barca Foundation, S.C.P Japan serves a follow-up program to FutbolNet educators. Yuiko Inoue, the methodological coordinator of the Barca Foundation, takes the leadership for the follow-up program. FutbolNet educators are leaders who are trained in all of the FutbolNet-methodological training and who received certificates of completion.  FutbolNet is a methodology that we can apply to our daily sport activities. Official educators are expected to take advantage of the education to expand sport activities for all people including people with disabilities.

In 2019 and 2020, Barca Foundation held FutbolNet-Methodology training for educators in Japan. After the sessions, some participants incorporate principles of FutbolNet in promotion of inclusive sport environments. We visit such groups/teams in order to notify the latest information about FutbolNet-Methodology and improve the session by exchanging ideas/information with each other. By doing so, we promote FutbolNet-Methodology so that it suits each region. 

YUIKO INOUE(FutbolNet Methodological Coordinator)

Working as a local coordinator in 2019, Yuiko Inoue engaged in the Social Inclusion Festival, an event conducted by Barca Foundation. From 2020, she officially became the Methodological coordinator of Japan project. While implementing FutbolNet for children, she also leads follow-up program for FutbolNet educators in Japan. She is also the Co-director of S.C.P Japan. 

Follow-UP organizations and teams 

Below are the organizations and teams that we have been following up (Hiragana order). If you click each name, it will bring you to websites of the organizations and teams. Everyday, the information about the organizations and teams will be updated. 

A-pfeile Hiroshima
Coach Matsumoto, who promotes inclusive football, took the FutbolNet-Methodology training in 2019. After the training, she engages in creating inclusive activities for all people regardless of age, gender and disabilities. She takes advantage of FutbolNet-Methodology in those activities. 

Solum Inclusive sport class
A lot of coaches from Solum attended the FutbolNet-Methodology training. Right after the training, they started “Inclusive Sport Class,” which includes FutbolNet ideas. Solum already has knowledgeable coaches who know a lot about adapted-sport and special support education. They merge their expertise and FutbolNet to develop inclusive education in Japan.

【Challenge Futsal】
Challenge Futsal Class is a group organized by players from Bardral Urayasu Defio, an inclusive team that people regardless of disabilities can join. Coach and player Izumi, who took the FutbolNet training in 2020, has spreaded activities that incorporate FutbolNet Methodology via online. 

【Heart Project ISHF】
A general incorporated association Heart Project manages the Futsal School ISHF. After he attended the FutbolNet Methodology training in 2019, main coach Kageyama has developed activities that use FutbolNet Methodology. He mainly focuses on “Reflection” time along with five principles of FutbolNet. “Reflection” time is the cornerstone of the futsal classes. 

Coach Satake, who works as a coach of Pixi Ota Football Club that consists of middle school girls, took the FutbolNet Methodology online training in 2020. Since then, he realized the FutbolNet not only improves players’ techniques but also encourages development of morality. The coach actively takes in FutbolNet for soccer lessons. 

FutbolNet Methodology Mini seminars

If follow-up organizations/teams prefer, we hold FutbolNet Methodology Mini seminars for the organizations’ or teams’ stuff. Please be aware that this mini seminar does not provide a certificate of completion. This is rather to spread the ideas of FutbolNet Methodology, so each member of the organization and team are able to work together.

We held a mini seminar for the staffs of an after school daycare service in 2019. Although the session was only three hours, through lectures and practical sessions, we successfully conveyed the ideas of FutbolNet to approximately thirty staff members.

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