【Report】Our Special Online Event to Celebrate International Women’s Day (6th & 7th March, 2021)

S.C.P. Japan promotes an inclusive society through sport. Our mission includes achieving equality regardless of gender and sexuality. We would like to share the news of our special online event to celebrate International Women’s Day, in collaboration with Girls Soccer Bridge Program.

Girls Soccer Bridge Program is a program that has been arranging short tours as well as longer term courses to the US for Japanese female soccer players for the last 30 years. They have greatly empowered the young female players through their commitment. Two Co-Director of S.C.P. Japan have also been “alumni”, having been trained in the US university with their support. That is why we are so grateful for this wonderful collaboration to happen.  

The event took place on 6th (Saturday) and 7th (Sunday) March over 2 days. 
On the first day’s talk session, we welcomed the two Co-Director of Girls Soccer Bridge Program as guest speakers, Ms. Miyuki Kobayashi (a.k.a. Mimi) and Ms. Kanae Haneishi (a.k.a. Kana-P), also joined by Ms. Marika Fukuda from Girls Soccer Bridge Program and Ms. Noguchi, the Co-Director of S.C.P. Japan. 

The guest speakers shared the personal stories of the organisation’s history during the event.

【Special Messages to mark International Women’s Day】

“Do not limit your own potential. If you feel you want to do something, that is exactly when you are ready for it. Age or gender shouldn’t stop you. Be honest with yourself and live the way you want to live. This principle will lead to create a better future where everyone can be who they truly are.”

(Ms. Kanae Haneishi, a.k.a. Kana-P)

“If you are passionate about something, you will achieve something. Your passion will drive you to act. Do it anyway, don’t think about failure. With such dedication, you will no doubt encourage others to do the same and that will eventually lead to the happier world for all.

(Ms. Miyuki Kobayashi, a.k.a. Mimi)

 Participants wrote down “What you want to do now”, “Your goal” and “Your Dream” and held them up for a photo shoot.

We would like to thank all 28 participants from diverse backgrounds to attend the first day’s event; such as those who are involved in soccer, players who are thinking about training abroad, coaches from other sports, teachers as well as supporters of women’s soccer.

On the second day, we held “the Sharing meeting of Women’s Soccer Study Abroad in the United States” attended by 15 female panelists who all shared their experience. By setting up several breakout rooms, participants could choose the room they want to communicate with the speakers directly.

【Comment by Ms. Marika Fukuda, the organiser and facilitator on the second day】

“Universities in the United States provide a great environment for female soccer players.  They could play soccer on a scholarship regardless of their level of soccer skill. I hope we could convey that training in the US is much more than soccer. You will experience so much more. It will broaden your perspectives and enhance your future career. We want to stress that, through such training in the US the possibilities are endless.

(Ms. Marika Fukuta, Former Student who have studied in the US through Girls Soccer Bridge Program)   

We also want to thank 27 participants who attended the second day event. 

At last, but not the least, we would like to give our special thanks to;
all members of Girls Soccer Bridge Program, all members of NPO Japanese Association for Women in Sport (JWS), all speakers who have kindly accepted our invitation, all volunteer staff as well as sign language translators who made this event possible. We could not have done this without you!

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