【Event Report】 Introduction to Barça Foundation’s FutbolNet Program

“Introduction to Barça Foundation’s FutbolNet Program” was held in Kanazawa City on Sunday, December 26, 2021. This program was a part of “S.C.P. Japan Special Events in Kanazawa”, taken place over two days on December 26th and 28th.

Eighteen local children participated and experienced Barça Foundation’s FutbolNet Program. They learned the three core values ​​of “Respect,” “Teamwork,” and “Ambition” through games and dialogue. They also learnt how to take the lead and change the environment, without being bound by existing values and rules, through the activity of “creating new rules by ourselves”.

We also invited local sports leaders and parents. We shared a method to communicate with children through sports; we can teach them important values such as “respecting diversity and others,” “expressing our own opinions,” and “cooperating with others”, aside from the motor skills.

<Post Event Feedback>

In order to improve the program, we asked the participants to provide us feedback after the event. You can check the results below.

We would like to thank Geminis Football Club for their cooperation in holding the event. We would also like to thank the children who participated, and all the parents and leaders.