Collaboration Project with Barça Foundation

S.C.P. Japan has signed a collaboration agreement with Barça Foundation, and will carry out FutbolNet program, which the Barça Foundation is expanding globally with the cooperation of Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., in Japan.

S.C.P. Japan is working to promote diversity and inclusion through sport with the vision of ” Create a better future in which everyone can be who they truly are.”

We are pleased to announce this collaboration with respect to the idea of the FutbolNet methodology developed by Barça Foundation that uses sports and physical activities as educational tools to foster the sense of values necessary for an inclusive society.  Many children will get some experiences of FutbolNet program, which leads to contribute to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in Japan.

What is FutbolNet?

FutbolNet teaches children different values ​​through football-related sports and offers a rich experience to promote personal growth. FutbolNet also provides children with disabilities the opportunity to perform physical activity in an inclusive environment.


You will improve your physical fitness through playing sports, learn the values ​​involved in it, raise your awareness of a healthy lifestyle, increase your self-confidence, and be more attentive to your actions on and off the ground.

Program purpose

・Communication of five values ​​related to sports that encourage attitude changes.
 (Five values: effort, teamwork, respect, humility, ambition) 
・Promotion of participation of children and young people with  disabilities. 
・Transmission of health habits to children and young people.
・Promotion of gender equality.
・Providing experiences that children and young people can feel the power of themselves.
・Providing a place for meeting, dialogue and exchange to promote social inclusion and cohesion.

Official FutbolNet Regular Program launches in Utsunomiya!!

Thanks to the cooperation with Global Kids method, which has been organizing after-school daycare service in Utsunomiya, we have been able to host a regular FutbolNet Program in Utsunomiya – as the pilot program since October 2020.

Every Saturday, at a public elementary school in Utsunomiya, children who have been participating in the after-school daycare service and who live near the school (those who applied to the Program through open recruitment) engage in our Program together. As children with different abilities play games together, they can deepen mutual understanding and the five values we focus on. We are planning on continuing this Program until March 2021.

The Official FutbolNet Program takes place at CLARK Memorial International High School!!

As the second attempt of our Project, under the support from the CLARK Memorial International High School, we decided to carry out the FutbolNet Program for high school students. From October to December in 2020, approximately 26 junior and senior students from Yokohama Campus of CLARK Memorial International High School – who are in the Global Sport course, participated in this program to conduct a total of six sessions. They had already been planning and carrying out their inclusive program, “Online sports festival for everyone,” voluntarily. We hope that experiences from our Program will be utilized in their future activities. We would like to continue to contribute to the development of young leaders in various ways.

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